Protection of coils in induction furnaces - Cogemicanites 504

All the Cogemicanites 504 products were developed specifically for use as thermal, electrical and even mechanical insulation of induction furnace.

The products are made from Phlogopite mica which is the most resistant type of mica (1200°C) with a small amount of heat resistant binding agent.

These materials are used as insulation of coils in induction furnaces. They are placed between the coil and the refractories inside the furnace to protect the coil from possible damage by leakage of molten metal.

Cogemicanite 504 is available in different designs and can be delivered in sheets or rolls.

They are placed between the coil and the refractory lining in induction furnaces:

  • they protect the coil from mechanical stresses resulting from the expansion and movements of the crucible
  • they improve electrical insulation during sintering 
  • they can be used to adjust the sintering depth and to reduce heat losses from the furnace 
  • they reduce the risk of perforation when the crucible wears or cracks 
  • they can be used in the electronic detection of defects in the crucible
  • they facilitate the removal of a worn crucible

They can also be used in tapping furnaces, channel furnaces and transport ladles.

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