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  • Insulation for motors and generators
  • Commutator segment plates
  • Insulating tapes - VPI & Resin Rich


Insulation for motors and generators

Lifetime, reliability and functionality of electric machines are fundamentally impacted by the quality of their insulation system. Parameters of present high voltage insulation systems are based on the excellent properties of natural mica.

COGEBI draws from the longstanding experience with processing of natural mica. COGEBI manages mica paper production in all known ways. The high-end mica papers COGEMICA® and REMIKA® together with carefully formulated resins and properly selected carriers are the key-components of insulating materials that are produced for Resin Rich as well as Vacuum Pressure Impregnation insulation techniques.  

Commutator segment plates

COGEBI offers different mica paper laminates especially designed for using in the manufacture of commutators.

Cogemicanite 400 Series consisting of Cogemica® muscovite or phlogopite mica paper and carefully formulated epoxy resin are suitable for various commutators of different sizes.

Insulating tapes - VPI & Resin Rich

COGEBI designed mica tapes to meet the requirements of the specialists in the manufacture, and repair of high voltage motors and generators.

Reliable conductor insulation or turn insulation of high voltage coils is simply attained by taping with KALASTIK® tape. The tape is made of high-quality calcined muscovite mica paper REMIKA® and various film carriers bonded together with various resins.

COGEBI offers a comprehensive range of VPI tapes with low binder content for coils and bars insulation of rotating machines operating in thermal classes 155°C and 180°C and Resin Rich Insulation system for stator windings of rotating machines operating in thermal class 155°C.

COGEMICA® VPI - Tapes 608 or 609 with or without accelerator, backed on one or both sides, with excellent porosity, based on non-calcined muscovite mica paper COGEMICA® meet all requirements of VPI technology and assert at production of top-rate high voltage machines.

RELANEX®, RELASTIK® and REMIKAFLEX® Resin Rich tapes and foils based on calcined or non-calcined muscovite mica paper REMIKA® with glass cloth or polyester film backing enable customers to construct main insulation of slot portion or overhangs of high voltage coils or bars meeting all present standards and requirements.

COGEBI offers wide range of further materials essential at production of high voltage coils and bars like vertical separator – ELTAPEG®, filler – REMIKAKIT®, sealing tapes – ELTACORD® and ELTASEAL®, conductive tape – ELTACARB®. 

The offered materials have to bear a wide scale of testing in COGEBI laboratories for meeting the specific demands of customers. The testing laboratories are invested with the necessary equipment and qualified staff for testing in accordance with the most of concerned standards.

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