Mica Sheets




Our company produces industrial applications which belong to the most important and successful COGEBI products. We would like to introduce you COGEMICANITE 505 and COGETHERM.

COGEMICANITE 505 series are rigid Mica plates designed for providing outstanding electrical insulation at high temperature. The two main group categories based on Mica typed used (Phlogopite/Muscovite) with approximately 90% mica content with a proprietary resin.  These plates or punched parts are widely used in heating elements for industrial and household appliances which require at least one of the following properties: excellent resistance to heat up to 100 °C, excellent electrical insulation; excellent microwave permeability; excellent punchability; high edge strength; environmentally safe and non-toxic.

Available in: sheets 1000x1200 mm, strips, punched pieces all in thickness of 0.2 to 1.5 mm.

Five different grades available:

COGEMICANITE 505.2: A special degassed Muscovite grade. It fully resists the extreme high temperature cycles typically encountered for example, in automatic toasters.

COGEMICANITE 505.3: The standard Muscovite grade for all heating elements for hair dryers, hair setters, irons, tumble dryers, band heaters, nozzle heaters, etc.

COGEMICANITE 505.4: A higher density Muscovite grade with smoother surfaces. Most suitable for punching highly detailed pieces or when imprinting is required.

COGEMICANITE 505.2P: A special degassed Phlogopite low smoke and blister free grade, softer and more heat resistant. For extreme high temperature applications.

COGEMICANITE 505.3P: The standard Phlogopite grade for heating elements operating in an extreme temperature range.  

All the COGEMICANITE 505 has content of mica ca 90%, density 2.15 g/cm3 and dielectric strength >25kv/mm. 
COGETHERM is a mica laminate designed for extreme conditions requiring one or more of the following properties. Rigid plates have excellent resistance to heat and even to open flame up to 700 °C (Muscovite) and 1 000 °C (Phlogopite) with low thermal conductivity while at the same time offering excellent electrical insulation. Not only does COGETHERM have high resistance to pressure it is impervious to most chemicals, in particular oil and grease.
Every day, safety becomes more important in industry, so material properties like asbestos-free, ecological safety and non- toxicity make COGETHERM a unique solution.

The excellent properties of COGETHERM allows usage in a variety of applications in the electro-mechanical sector (railway, industry, arch chambers), as well as in the thermos-mechanical sector (hot presses, glass industry, steel works, aluminum production, induction furnaces, military, gas distribution).
Cogebi also produces a wide range of tubes based on COGETHERM material (from inner diameter 6 mm and 1 m length).
Available in: sheets 1000x 1200 mm, strips, punched pieces, laser cut, water jet, CNC all in thicknesses of 1.5 to 80.0 mm.

Four different grades available:

COGETHERM M:  Cogetherm M has the highest resistance to pressure and is the recommended for complicated cut pieces.

COGETHERM P: The resistance to pressure of Cogetherm P is less then M and it should be applied only for continuous applications > 500 °C.

COGETHERM MC: Our Muscovite degassed grade has low fume emissions during first application at temperatures >250°C, (available in thickness 1.5- 10 mm).

COGETHERM PC: Our Phlogopite degassed grade has low fume emissions, during first application at temperature >250 °C.


Commutator segment plates- Cogemicanite 400 is a range of mica laminates specially designed for use in the manufacture of commutators for electrical machines. Thickness tolerances are very stringent: both sides of the plates are perfectly sanded.
COGEBI offers different types of Cogemicanite 400, in accordance with the application, the type of machine and its manufacturing process.