The lifetime, reliability and functionality of rotating electric machines are fundamentally impacted by the quality of their insulation systems. This aligns perfectly with the excellent properties of natural mica.

COGEBI draws from longstanding experience with the processing of natural mica and produces mica paper of all common grades and types in world-class quality. The high-end mica papers COGEMICA® and REMIKA®, constitute the key components of insulating materials produced for resin-rich as well as VPI insulation technologies.

Conductor Insulation

COGEBI offers a complete range of KALASTIK products, which mainly find application in the insulation of conductors having a rectangular or round cross-section and used for the windings of electric machines at various operating voltages and thermal insulation classes.

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COGEBI has developed resin-rich mica materials that meet the requirements of specialists in the manufacture and repair of high-voltage motors and generators.

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Cogemica VPI tapes produced by the proprietary PTP technology developed to assure the specialized requirements of the manufacture and repair of high-voltage motors and generators.

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Corona Protection

To protect the main wall insulation surface against slot discharges, external corona protection (ECP) measures are necessary in high-voltage windings in electric machines. The conductive fleeces are available to this end.

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Mica Materials for Traction

The requirements of electrical motors for the public transport industry make a demand for specific insulation materials. Cogebi provides a comprehensive range of materials that fit the exact requirements of traction motors.

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