Mica products

Mica is a mineral. By its chemical  composition, mica is an aluminosilicate, and by its structure a phyllosilicate. It is formed by parallel sheets of silicate tetrahedra on each side of an octahedral layer. Depending on the elements and their position in this structure, a great variety of micas have been established. Two of them have been adopted by their industrial value:

  • The most prevalent type is Muscovite (light colored mica), in which aluminum is a major component of the octahedral layer
  • The other grade of mica is Phlogopite (darker colored mica), which contains magnesium as a major component of the octahedral layer

Furthermore, mica is incombustible, and withstands temperatures of 600° to over 1000° C according to the grade. COGEBI is using these two types of mica, mainly in:

  • Insulation of cable for fire resistance
  • Thermal insulation of equipment that is subject to extremely high temperatures, such as induction ovens
  • Electrical and thermal insulation of electrical machines

Cable tapes

COGEBI’s mica insulation materials used in the cable industry offer excellent flame resistant characteristics and assures that your cables comply with the most severe standards.

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COGEBI offers resin-rich and VPI tapes for the coil and bar insulation of high-voltage rotating machines, a complete range of conductor-insulation tapes and a wide range of materials for traction motors, especially commutator segment plates.

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Industrial applications

The demands for safety and security are increasing day by day. The basic material used in the majority of our products is Mica. This allows COGEBI to combine very high thermal, electrical and chemical resistances at the same time.

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Fire protection and thermal insulation for aircrafts, aerospace, train, road and marine transport and civil engineering.

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