Mica products

Cable tapes

COGEBI’s mica insulation materials used in the cable industry offer excellent flame resistant characteristics and assures that your cables comply with the most severe standards.

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COGEBI offers resin-rich and VPI tapes for the coil and bar insulation of high-voltage rotating machines, a complete range of conductor-insulation tapes and a wide range of materials for traction motors, especially commutator segment plates.

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Industrial applications

The demands for safety and security are increasing day by day. The basic material used in the majority of our products is Mica. This allows COGEBI to combine very high thermal, electrical and chemical resistances at the same time.

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Fire protection and thermal insulation for aircrafts, aerospace, train, road and marine transport and civil engineering.

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Special Services

Research and Development

What is Mica?

Mica is a mineral belonging to the family called aluminosilicates. We at COGEBI utilize two major types in our
production process: muscovite (light colored) and phlogopite (dark colored). 

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News & Events

WIRE 2020 Düsseldorf POSTPONED

19/02/2020 Event

Unfortunately WIRE is postponed by the organizer and we´ll inform later on about the new date. In the meantime don't hesitate to contact us directly for any information which you would need. WIRE...

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CWIEME (Berlin) exhibition 26-28 MAY 2020

10/01/2020 Event

Of course we as Cogebi/Elinar group will be participating in the Coil Winding CWIEME Berlin again this year and obviously we shall hope to see you there as well. Our global team of consisting of Sales...

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Once upon a time, mica came in the hands of COGEBI and turned to be the key driver of its success. That’s why COGEBI retains its excellence in mica and continuously keeps developing in the safety...

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