Welcome to Cogebi part of Elcim Group

The ELCIM Group is a holding company located in the Netherlands. The abbreviation ELCIM stands for "ELinar Cogebi Insulation Materials",which incorporates all industrial activities of the ELINAR and COGEBI.

The ELCIM Group industrial activities are located in Russia (Ateptsevo, Astrakhan), Belgium (Lot), the Czech Republic (Tabor), the USA (Dover), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and China (Shanghai, Hongkong).

ELINAR is the specialized market leader of mica based thermal and electrical insulating materials in Russia and the CIS.

COGEBI is the outstanding mica insulation specialist in Europe, America and other world regions.

ELCIM is focusing on fire protection (cable tapes, aircraft flame barriers), high voltage insulation (resin rich tapes, VPI tapes and other complementary insulation products) and industrial applications (induction furnaces, commutator insulation, thermal protection).